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Welcome to Blackout Rugby, sports fans! Lace up your boots, get out your chalkboard and prepare to take control of your very own rugby club. This wiki will tell you all you need to know to get your club to the very apex of the game!

Feel free to add things if you feel it will help others or comment on a page if you have suggestions to make.

What is Blackout Rugby?

Blackout Rugby is a MMO sports management game that allows you to take control and run your own rugby club. You will be in charge of every aspect of your club, from player recruitment and training, through to designing your match tactics and balancing the books. Your club will compete against clubs run by others in a wide variety of competitions including multi-divisional leagues, cup competitions, global ladders, champion leagues, and many more. You can also create or join Unions with other players that can run their own competitions if they wish, as well as providing other benefits for members.


Blackout Rugby is continually improving with new features. You can see what's coming up in our Roadmap, and stay up-to-date with changes in our Change Log.

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CLUB: Club and Player Nationality | Club Level | Club Player Level | Finances Overview | Seasonal Budget | Additional Income | Buildings | Tech Upgrades | Amenities

MATCHES: Competitions | Global Divisional League | Global Ladder Competition | Divisional Cup | Game Plans | General Tactics | Zonal Tactics | Weather | Depth Charts

OTHER: Card System | Tokens | Token Sponsorship | Transfer Market | Daily Tasks | Notifications | Weather | Change Log | Roadmap

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